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Chicken parmigiana really hits the spot. As you can see the price may feel like a lot and it is but they have nothing but the finest, quality ingredients, spot on chefs, great managers that warm you with a pleasant greeting. Walking in to pick up your order from most places won't touch this type of service or atmosphere. That is why they are number 1 in my book for loop side Italian. I will continue to eat here and you should too. Grub a dub it up with food love. IV has an enjoyable atmosphere like i mentioned. So it's great for dates or even the kids. Nice full bar with a wrap mirror making it feel so much bigger then it is. They did this place right. Al Capone has dined here along with the great Frank Sinatra. Could you imagine eating at the oldest Chicago Italian joint?! You should, then do it. Barbara Streisand entrees all over this place. She's ate everything there and loves it just like me. With this historical landmark for the best Italian grubs in the city you can view original Daniel Burnham paintings with your wine. They've employed over 35k peeps from Chi in the 85+ years of service. Food from the gods they hand us as they continue donating to charities and creating explosive dishes. 1927 was a great year when Italian Villages Spaghetti with Meatballs was a whopping 4 dimes with a legendary martini costing 43 pennies. The dishes are very filling and large. Stuck in a food coma currently so I do want to warn you. It's that good. Makes me want to cradle my cat while it swats at spaghetti that is hanging out my mouth. Chicken Marsala is one of my favorites here. But the Alfredo add garlic mushrooms is my top favorite. The bread is sometimes old or just really hard, hard to tell because everything is so fresh. The butter added to hard bread makes life better and the side of Parmesan is a nice additive to your delightful dish or even the bread with butter. I will continue ordering here and wish to see them the day they've been around for 100 years. Thee BEST


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The lasagna is always top-notch at Italian Village! The portion is large and could be split into two meals. The last time I ordered lasagna, it came with homemade potato chips.
I usually have to wait a couple minutes for my food when I come to pick it up, but I don't mind because the food is always hot and the front house folks are nice.


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A hidden gem in Chicago. I started going to the IV back in the latter 80's. The food, the service, the culture makes you feel like you are part of something different. Even if it's a delivery, you feel like you are a part of something that is high-quality, something that you can brag about and be proud to talk about.


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Food wasn't ready when I got there, but it was St Patrick's Day and the restaurant was really really busy, so I completely understand. Food was hot when I got it and it was perfect. Definitely recommend ordering here anytime.


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The food was sensational...packed properly and sent with utensils and napkins, plates. Also they were nice enough to make sure it was on time. The Pizza and chicken marsala was great. Tiramisu very good.

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Food was packaged well and our office appreciated the extra plates and forks

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The Italian Village is Chicago's oldest Italian Restaurant! We Have The largest wine cellar in the entire Midwest that holds over 45, 000 bottles!